Words, like rotted corpses on a pyre

left as food for carrion birds,

little have they to me inspire

these empty carcasses of words


There is an innocence in your eyes

oft hidden by the pain

I  really hope it never dies

and has a chance to shine so bright again



What once was freely given

held now in reserve

until that dam is riven

to bring you all that you deserve

Moving On

It’s not that I have nothing left to say

or that my love for you is gone

Sometimes the words get in the way

And so, I just keep moving on


Dwell not in w hat might have been

Or what is yet to be

This moment only, may be seen

With eyes of clarity




I feel as tho I am caught in a riptide or a huge collapsing wave, battered and tumbled along the bottom, broken, cut, bleeding, the breath being driven from me, with no idea of where “up” is and no strength left to fight or care.


The pit, the chasm, the dark, the maelstrom, call it what you will, like the gravity well of a black hole inexorably pulling, sucking the last vestige of desire to fight, to persevere, as if it were a cosmic milkshake 


I suppose it’s natural as one gets closer to the end to look back over the years and wonder. To rethink and second guess. To imagine what might have been had I continued to be a drummer or chosen to stay in the biker lifestyle. There are bits of each that I cling to, internally. To have married the nurse in the late 70s or the psychiatrist from the early 80s. Living in the advent of the computer age and learning Windows 3.1 and how to repair it. Cell phones, now smart phones, social media, “catfishing”……where do I fit, or better, do I fit at all? Many days I feel very old and out of place, other days I feel as if I am invisible. It would be easier to pull the edges of the past around me, wrap myself in memories and simply fade away.


I dwell in darkness and feed upon your fears
Nourished by your feelings your terrors and your tears
I have no body, no face, no features and no name
I live only in your mind but scare you just the same

Look into the mirror and tell me what you see
But you’re afraid..inside you hear me laugh with glee
I have stolen all you have of comfort and of peace
And all the while I sit within, you pray for sweet release

Afraid to let me go, bedeviled when I stay
I the piper, you the dancer..pay and pay and pay
Am I hopeless? Is there no end of misery for me?
O, Eternal God…DELIVER is my plea!


‘Tis not the metre nor rhyme
That give words their power
Not length, not how much time
But Passion brings the flower