Only The Lonely

“But only the lonely know why I cry, only the lonely” from the song by Roy Orbison.  A lyric truth often unrecognized by the general population.  It is in the dark night of the soul that one can only feel kinship with another who at least has a clue about how it feels. All the empathy in the world wont get the pain of a broken heart. It is only one who has stood on the brink and contemplated self annihilation than can understand just how that feels. To be bereft. To stand alone. To measure oneself and finding yourself lacking in your own eyes.  It is at that point that one must find that innate sense of self worth or be forever lost in the maelstrom of self doubt and deprecation.  I’ve felt that chilly wind.  I’ve stood at the brink.  And today, I am thankful for the experience, but determined never to revisit that.  Ever.

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